Saturday, 20 July 2013

Curios, why not

Slightly less baking today. But what we did have was a visit from obscure relative Margaret Allison, a second cousin twice removed, once put back, and whatever else you do with cousins (not including marriage, for we are not in Idaho).
As previously mentioned, we live in a much sought-after tree-lined road which means liberal birdpoo on our car, so we did the carwash thang at the Esso garage to spruce up the old vehicle before picking Margaret up at the station. We opted for "Shine Wash" which is the medium wash at a mere £5. Kiddie wash is £3, super-death wash is £7 but as neither of us had been through the wash before, it was an experience to savour. The big inverted U-shaped wash thing went back and forth over us spinning and squirting and whooshing 3 times, we specially put down the back seats so I could have a good view and I quacked and quarkled and we both laughed lots.
The train arrived and Margaret did the tour of our house and approved. As far as she is concerned, good old Blind Uncle Len (whose legacy enabled us to perform this move) would have approved.
We hit the 10th Hole (well-known seafront food provider of excellent quality with outside tables and young waitresses) and I had sausages and there was dressed crab and lardons and home-made quiche and salad and a local club cricket match and splendidness. Our post-prandial walk was along the beach, how can you not. Some likely lads were swimming out to the old wartime anti-ship port defence boom which is basically a line of concrete blocks going out to sea from in front of Canoe Lake, they only got about 4 blocks out, even though they were showing off to their shapely sea mer-girlies so I think we should go back tomorrow and do better.
After ice creams (I still haven't got the hang of eating them quickly before they melt all over the floor) we headed home and Margaret left. A loft trip gave me some Lego traintrack and I made an airfield to honour Blind Uncle Len and his war buddies in the Eastern Mediterranean theatre.
At last the fabled glass-topped table has made an appearance. Bensmum has a beach: no, she does not own land by the sea but has a rather decent arty display of beach-related stuff from a little lighthouse to all the shells that they have collected over the years. We decided to follow their lead and display all our little curios (that you don't know what else to do with) in one place. Thus, many unusual things are on show, see how many you can identify. I provide a list to get you started.....
Ancient Greek and Roman pottery from North Africa (Len). Fossil Belemnite from Jurassic coast, Dorset (me). Key from demolished chapel in London (Great Grandad).
2 Victorian fob watches (great great great granddad). Bingo ball (me). Starfish (Persian Gulf). 15mm anti-personnel cannon round (Nazi). Ivory artefacts (pre-ivory ban). Numerous seashells (Indian ocean, Med, Solent). Shotgun cartridges, assorted ammunition (various). Smooth bits of glass (beach near ben's house). Porcupine quill (South Africa). Slate shard (Cornwall). Marbles, cowries, ammonites, sand dollars, Turkish evil eye, minerals (random).
How many can you see?

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