Sunday, 28 July 2013

Gone but not remembered

lego castle so big you gan get in itlego tower buildingToday we woke up at 1115. Not absolutely sure if this is my own personal record but not bad, all those parents with kids that arise at dawn should gnash their teeth and cover their heads in ashes, might help.
OK. Most of what little remained of the day was Lego Towering. It gets to the point when you just get bored of it, and all those plans to use up every light and coloured tile and light sabre and flame and purple nob and so forth just get quietly forgotten. Once we'd stabilised the railway level with flats, we just stuck on all the aerials and crane gantry things and any doors/windows/staircases we'd found when tidying up.
The height attained was 146 cm, which is considerably more than me. It says something for the robust reinforced construction methods used by the family architects that the adults were able to lift it down intact onto the floor for the second photo. Then I destroyed it.
Later I visited the JBs to play cricket and lose all the balls over the fence. They will come here tomorrow to play Lego.
For our family activity we played Monopoly. There's no end to the number of times I can be told to stop babbling and screaming, for there's always something to babble about. Eventually Jof petered out and died, and it made practically no difference because she didn't have any properties and her passing was met with no fanfare. Then, just as I was about to die, I landed on Free Parking (£1885) so I live for another day. We'll resume tomorrow.

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