Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Getting up on the wrong side of reality

funny shop name failThat reminds me of the time I went in the wrong toilets at Farthings Bar. I was spending a penny, and 2 tuppenny blondes came in. I saw their thruppenny bits, turned on a sixpence, and ran.
After school I was supposed to have a date with Kate-Lynn. But she was double-booked and went off with Kaia so I was without. Alannah really wanted to take her place but her mum actually had pork chops grilling at home, srsly, could have been a job for the fire brigade. Double blowout.
After buying some picture hooks and curtain rods at B+Q (Yeah, I'm livin' the dream, baby) I managed 20 minutes of Lego before we tackled the increasingly traffic jammy Pompey to get to gymnastics. Still no badge.

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