Monday, 22 July 2013

Boogie on down

navajo reservation area
Today Year 2 had a disco. Since graduation, going into school has become more and more pointless, we're just messing about. We could have finished a week ago, at the graduation ceremony. In fact, if we'd put that a month or 2 earlier, we could have had a decent summer holiday instead of a piddling 6 weeks.
girl eating briocheThe disco was hot. It was packed. And although we'd been expecting DJ Hiphop Mrs Cragg spinning the discs, we got Zoe off the internet (not dear Follower Zoe, but a mobile disco provider). We all sang and danced and we did Gangnam style and Erin and I were paired up to do that special wedding dance, you know, where you hold hands and stick them in the air and wheel around the assembly hall bumping into other couples. It was sweaty and she said I smelt of aftershave.
Erin came back to mine afterwards and she really wanted Grandad's Spitfire but I hid it under some pillows and wouldn't tell her where it was.
Getting the curtains drycleaned and my winter duvet washed cost £52, lucky we don't do that very often. I looked in charity shops for Lego but bought an onyx egg for Jof, as she seems to like that kind of thing.

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