Monday, 15 July 2013

Snow business and the 7 fundamental particles

in an emergency a crayon will burn for 30 minuteshigh cloud on a hot dayAt last, the day of the school play (Year 2).
Last year I played the fearsome Troll opposite Billy's Head Goat. This time I am a roving reporter with an outside broadcast microphone and a moral tale to tell.
I remembered my lines but gabbled them because you've got less chance of being wrong if you're only on stage for 3 seconds.
Erin had all the complicated stuff to do, she had to wave a banner, shake her maracas and work the laptop to provide all the music! Electro-DJ Jazzy Erin...
Anyway Jof watched it all as she is currently available due to sunspots and she cried her way through it all, mothers, eh.
Then we graduated and the Lady Mayor handed out the prizes and asked me how on earth I managed to get 100% attendance again.
I also got a mug printed with my own design - me on the computer with a Google logo.
Jof brought me home and then I abandoned her to go to the park with LittleMax who was the King in the play. It was hot in the park like everywhere else and Rosie wanted swinging all the time like I used to about 3 years ago.
I got home very pink and sweaty again so watched P+F with the fan on.
church hall beaver meeting Ben joined me presently and we grabbed armfuls of weapons and ran around the house. Now in the old house, I (or rather, my stuff) occupied 2 rooms - my bedroom and the dining room which we never used for dining anyway. But then we deliberately bought a new bigger house so all of my stuff could stay in one room.
Fortunately Beaver time approached and we scooted off in mufti, for we are let off uniform for this the final meeting of the term. They are offering a Beaver sleepover in September but I can't help noticing we're going to be trapped into another 2 hour church service the following morning.
There were balloons and lollies and lots of fun.
It's been a busy day.

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