Sunday, 14 July 2013

A Puddle so big it's got waves in

Up slowly, Sunday style.
All my weapons have been brought down from the loft and already my room is a warzone. We got the summons to the seafront and got there lunchtime-ish and the whole world was there in the splendid temperatures, not always fully clothed.
We swam. We dug a hole. The tide came in and swamped it, but we didn't mind. We messed about in the water.
Some of the Puddleparents swam miles out to sea but they all came back eventually. We threw seaweed a bit and shot each other with Bobs' water guns.
Later we played football for ages in Bransbury park and I returned home pink and sweaty. I write this from my new computer with windows 7 and everything, because the last one was 8 1/2 which is older than me, and it was having trouble with things like games and working without freezing.

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