Monday, 1 July 2013

Talk to the Gland

trinity church guest pastor haywood bynum 3 funny church advertI have developed a slight tendency to ignore instructions, walking away pretending not to hear repeated shouts to come back. Is it just me or are my friends doing it too?
Anyway, at school I was sent home with my final annual Year 2 student report. Of course there's nothing negative in it, I got "Above average" for everything except writing (upper average) which is a total fallacy given that I'm nose-to-grindstone on Satan's typewriter every night bringing you tales of my day. There is another naughty person in my school, following in the damp footsteps of the Phantom Bogwasher of Year R. As yet unidentified, this
snowdrift of lego in boys bedroom
culprit leaves anonymous handwritten notes of a rude persuasion in people's trays for them to discover later. It is in a small joined-up script, shouldn't take too long to compare handwriting so we expect an arrest shortly.
rope climbing after sunsetBen came round pre-Beavers and we swam in Lego. On the way through the park, we scooted the 1 circuit that we were allowed, but Ben exited the park and used the pavement. This was an unauthorised transgression so he will be on boring duty next time. So if you need any holes bored, he's your man. In Beavers I got 3 badges - Outdoors, orienteering and Nature. On the way back I did some swinging with Vomiting Poppy, Half-Japanese Emma and Naughty Alannah.
The house is now full of books, and curtains are making an appearance.

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