Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Little Myth Speech Impediment

indian cuisine rude name failAnother hot day at school for a hot boy. Reminds me of the hot summer of 1976. The elderly Latin teacher had a stammer so we used to regularly ask "Sir, what's Patria, Sir?" in the hope that he'd say 'count-count-count-country'. He only did it once, but it was worth it.
Afterwards I discovered Jof had been off work for another day with sunspots and she hadn't bought me any chocolate at all. I wowed her with my Legorific knowledge but she just didn't seem to be in the mood.
At Gymnastics I discussed my future career with my class. Calum is going to be a policeman like me but his brother will be a tennis player. I have advised him not to be naughty when in our presence, or face arrest.
The traffic was considerably lighter on the way home but we were still able to fry eggs on the bonnet, had we wished.
attic storage spaceRoofman will start work in a month. We are going to have scaffolding city, and he will fix the whole roof so we have to empty the loft first. It always seems to be a race against time, or some workman or other.
We brought down lots of ornament boxes which gave us loads of cardboard to recycle at green-box bins day tomorrow, and a load of foam which will make one tip trip. Goodness knows where we're going to put all the ornaments. The loft is very dusty and it looks like it's full of ghostly amoebas but it's just the flash reflecting off the suspended motes of dust.
On the way down I got ladder freeze. Now, I've been qualified on ladders for 5 years and to freeze screaming halfway up an 8 foot ladder is something I hope my friends never see. But because Jof was out shopping and couldn't be relied upon for the sympathy vote, I got over it.

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