Friday, 5 July 2013

A Corner Turned

man cartwheels into fenceWonderful day at school. I made a Rock Stadium out of cardboard boxes, some of which came from Bud's work. It's good to know someone whose job is to root through bins to find something useful. The rock stadium itself bears a passing resemblance, nay, is identical to, a cross between a cricket bat and a baseball bat: but Daisy and I have drawn a 3-piece rock band inside it so a stadium it is.
Got home to find that the drinks cabinet was ready. I helped shore up its inner shelf with pink packing foam and then he did boring jobs like painting doors etc while I Legoed.
booze cupboard with beer and wineAfter swimming we picked up Jof from work and she has a damaged arm from lifting all that money. She deserves a weekend off. She commanded new and interesting locations for cupboards and tables and paintings, which is a skill that only needs one arm, for pointing and berating.
Since forever, I have refused books. I may have a potential raw IQ of .. some, assuming I inherit his .. acceptable one. But until today I have never voluntarily picked up a book. This morning, there I was, in bed reading a book on Romans. Something has piqued my interest and as predicted by many, the academic onslaught may start here.
We ate dinner in the dining room again. OK, so I've eaten all my food 2 days running and there was actual live conversation instead of arguments about what programme to watch, but I sincerely hope this aberration is short-lived. Hmm.
Incidentally, my sock malfunction is not Freemason-related, even though Great-Grandad was Grand Dragon of Oxfordshire and I have a medal fixation.

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