Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Free-for-all at the Gym

Started the day late again. It's just so easy to wake up, know that your next appointment isn't for hours, and drift off again until the bladder calls.
In the end, it was the courier who took away the damaged dressing table and gave us another one. Then we dribbled the hours of the day through our fingers playing cards and Pirate Treasure. This game is basically a load of cards that Player A hides around the house following certain sensible rules about not putting them inside books, not out of Player B's reach etc, and then B has to find them. As with all small people, things can take ages and there are often distractions so even A will forget the location of the treasure sometimes. Thus, our old house has some treasure buried in it, as does the back of LittleMax's sofa, where some loot was last seen although there were Dutch pirates in the area at the time. Today we were doing it in the dining room at ground level only and lost a Golden Key. When you can lose something in a one-dimensional search, you know it's time to hang up your beard and buy a little rum distillery somewhere.
london thermometer co british made red reading technology
When he got home he was sulking. Recently we discovered a pre-war industrial thermometer in the garage: pen-sized with a metal sheath and patented Red Reading Technology (1933). He took it to work to clean the oil off with IPA. He brought it home to clean it with Brasso and install it as Curio #73 in the glass-topped table. But the bulb broke, filling his bag with mercury and broken glass. It was supposed to be #3 in the series "Prof M's Unusual Things" but alas, it is no more.
However, unbridled joy awaits! The bringer of joy for today was the Julian Bowen Ltd "Pickwick Twin Dressing table" (flatpacked). Boasting a rather conservative 145 pieces, it gave us a 58th free Allen key (yes, we counted) and scuffy knees as Bedroom 1 was transformed with this high-quality item from this furniture purveyor of distinction. Of those 145 pieces, so many fitted together as per the assembly instructions, it was a dream to create.
At gym today it was the one day of the year when the adults get to join in and we get the run of the whole gym. I did the assault course, swinging rings, trampolining and everything I could get my sweaty fingers on.

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