Friday, 12 July 2013

Double-dip Meteorology

wooden loop the loop crash failhick backwards mountain townNews comes to me of Bobby Tufts, a boy in Dorset, Minnesota (pop 28) who was made town mayor at the age of 3. Now he's 4, he is seeking re-election, having spent the year maximising gastro-tourism and promoting ice cream. This guy's doing even better than me.....
So after school I discovered that Jof has got a second week under the doctor for sunspots so I expect to take full advantage of her sudden availability, even though she's complaining of a damaged shoulder.
I was supposed to clear all my Lego away because I want to rearrange the furniture in my room. That was my task. The way I went about it was standard for any abandoned 7 year-old boy ie to dance around waving my trousers a la striptease, singing Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all while fleaping, gyrating, boogie-ing and twisting to the soundtrack in my head.
The loft is looking comparatively desolate now that we have taken down so many boxes, just you wait Henry Higgins until the wardobe arrives tomorrow and we can demote all of Jofs' clothes (only 7 pantechnicons).
We all went swimming ie I swam and learned to dive (1 decent dive, 1 belly flop extraordinaire) while they lost each other in Giant Tesco and bought identical 4 for 3 beer offers, all the more Vitamin B for him.
Back at home, I pretty well populated the CD + DVD shelves myself while she washed up for time = N.[N+1] and he did loft removals-are-slightly-drunk-us.
And then we realised. We have arrived. Not only are we a 2-toilet family. But, because of inheritance, we are a 2-fire irons family. The previous owner kindly left us his fire irons for the only 1 remaining functional front room fire, but we already had the cast-offs from Grandad.
Grandad also allowed us to have his old barometer. Little did we know that the personal effects of Blind Uncle Lens' estate also contained 1 retirement gift barometer from all the good ol' chaps at the munitions ministry. Having scraped along at rock bottom for 25 years, not knowing we even needed a barometer, we have his'n'hers barometers. Holy Poo.

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