Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Challenge Anneka

lego like copy ripoff compatible blockmenThe first day of the holiday started well. I woke him up 9ish and I didn't get dressed for ages. I was tempted out by the prospect of Lego. We searched a good 15 charity shops and I got 1 Lego Bionicle and a Lego-alike set of army stuff called Blockmen. It's compatible with real Lego and it's got a tank that shoots a projectile and some gun turrets and flames and slopes and sandbags and odd-shaped bits, all in 2 colours that you don't get with normal real actual Lego. I put it together with my copper aeroplanes and made it my Large Squadron Collider, aha.
inside of large church sunlight on fontWe also popped into St Marys church when we noticed the big notice outside saying the tower would be open last Sunday. Of course this was very annoying but we were on the beach so the day wasn't entirely wasted. We crept through the crypt and eventually found the priest in his priest-hole and he said that the tower will be open again on SUNDAY 11TH AUGUST 2-4PM so we will be going back up it on that date. The little window way above my head in the picture is where my Blog Title Picture was taken from so I might even update it, for it was taken almost exactly 3 years ago, and is nearly as out-of-date as my passport photo, well, I have less hair and my shirt doesn't have robots on it.
challenge anneka mobile phone builders toolsChallenge Anneka was a TV program from the early 90s in which Anneka Rice was tasked with various 2-3 day projects, to be completed for free against the clock in some charitable cause or other. Clad in brightly coloured figure-hugging tracksuits, she ran around the country cadging help off builders, chased the whole time by her roving camera crew who would always do close-ups on her rotundiform bottom as she ran from task to task. Her in-yer-face style always flummoxed the beleagured builders: astounded by both her outstanding lack of knowledge of construction materials and her nourishing norks, they would usually give in and help the project, providing planks or whatever.
Back in the day, my parents lived in a rented basement flat with an extremely elderly cooker with decades of baked-on encrustment, once they challenged Anneka to clean their cooker. Bensmum and Erinsmum found a different way - hire a man to do it for them.
The cleaning chaps arrived, cleaned it, took the £27.50 and left, all without me noticing. Speaking of which, it was only when Jof got home that anyone noticed they hadn't done the grill tray. The rest of it's sparkling, though.
Later we tried some more charity shops when we did a drive-by dumping of some of my old stuff - no more Lego but if you ever want polished Onyx eggs or porcelain ballerinas, then Barnardo's on Marmion Road is the place to start. It seems like their entire stock is donated from the house clearances of little old ladies (deceased).

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