Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The end of the line

Todays' little extra job was a tip trip on the way back from his work, before picking me up from my last day at this school. The tip's gain is our loss: today it gained some assorted fire-irons, a giant funtub that will smell of compost forever, some big bits of naily wood that were too big for our fireplace and 11 broomsticks. It should be noted that we have already got rid of half a dozen broomsticks from the storage facility in the roof of the garage. Why, you ask, did the previous-but-one owner have 17 broomsticks (all different) hidden in the rafters of the garage?
1. He was heavy-handed with the sweeping, and every time a broomhead fell off, he said to himself "I'm sure this broomstick will come in useful one day"
2. He was one of those special Englishmen with an unhealthy obsession in a ... niche activity
3. These were prizes kept as souvenirs from his regular witch-hunts on Halloween night
4. As founder member of the Battle of Hastings Recreation society, he needed to have a ready store of non-lethal practise quarterstaves
wimborne infant school southsea portsmouthJof said he just had obsessive-compulsive hoarding disorder like all unmarried males which is true enough.
Anyway, today was the end of the line for my school colleagues and I, and many of my other acquaintances, such as Ben. We have slipped our moorings, dropped our anchor chains, raised our petticoats, cut our apron strings and otherwise said goodbye to childish things (of infant school) and said a big hello to other childish things (of junior school) but with a rodding great sabbatical in between. Erinsmum was particularly grateful to leave Wimborne Infants, she's got, like, months off, why can't we have a massive holiday ... oh.
We had to choose the name of the royal baby so I chose Dave.
end of term high jinks wimborne infants portsmouthWe had our goodbye assembly, watched some of the Lorax and signed each others' shirts. This is one of those school traditions that have been going since 1553 and I'd totally forgotten about it. Erin had a shirt like the Sistine chapel (popular girl) and I am seen here in my natural habitat which is in a large group of human females, although I do appear to have a pink butterfly hat and darker legs.
We did have 20 minutes in the park as invited by Alannah but Gymnastics called and I actually remembered to buy new Gym shirts so that Nanna can sew on my latest badges. These shirts are age 7-8 so 4 years or so of growing room in there for me.
For the last 2 days running I have had afternoon snacks leading to a failure to eat dinner. This has rightly attracted shoutiness from Jof so today I had nothing all afternoon and 1 1/2 suppers upon my return. Who will rid me of this troublesome stomach...

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