Thursday, 18 July 2013

Giant Water Guns

online scrabble game errorRemember my story about Pirates that I've been dictating to Jof? Well, I took in a printout today and the teacher said she was going to read out a passage from it to the whole school for an extra Gold Star, like some kind of post-grad dissertation! I just hope nobody notices it's totally lifted from a Tom'n'Jerry cartoon.....
pump action water pistolsYet another hot day so as it's the final Official Thursday Park of the academic year, we made it into Thursday Splashpark instead. The sea was our backup plan but we never made it.
Inexplicably we were first and I got busy with a water gun and a funnel to fill it up with. Last year (or possibly even longer ago) there was a sale on at one of the local shops and Jof bought, like, 8 of everything so that all us Piddlers would have identical weaponry, which is the only way to ensure we don't argue about who has the better weapon. Or flag. Or red pen, or whatever it is that day.
southsea seafront splashpark canoe lake lumps fortSo we took 4 guns with us so that all the soldiers would be armed. The JBs and eventually Ben arrived and we stalked and sniped and snooped and shot and reloaded at the refill station (Bud, a funnel and a large orange B+Q bucket of seawater gleaned from the nearby English channel) and everyone else wanted to join in.
These guns need some serious pumpage but when they're fully pressurised, they shoot a very aim-able jet about 25 feet which is just right for us assault troops. We even shot each other on the zipline and climbed trees. More than 2 hours of sunny play later, we got fish and chips.
We bequeathed the guns but have many more including personal sidearms and a few Saturday Night Specials.

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