Monday, 29 July 2013

Handy, men

Up at 830 for no good reason. The delivery men brought us a flatpacked dressing table for Jof and we set to work assembling the mirror (yes, it does require assembly because it pivots and it's on a plinth) and the stool (start with the complicated things). Because it has Lego-like instructions, I was successful. I am now a qualified handyman, very handy as I only live around the corner. After lunch the JBs joined me for an epic Lego session. They haven't seen my room completed so we got everything out all over the floor, as you do.
We watched the video of me destroying the Lego Tower from the inside about 6 times (see yesterdays' post) and Bob shot me in the face with an arrow but it's all normal really. Briefly, Bob left the collective for a haircut, but as Johnny was not specifically required to witness the shearing, he stayed with me and then Bob came back anyway. It was handy that these 2 men came round to keep me busy.
manchester united football strip in wrong townMeanwhile, the dressing table was unpacked. The first 2 bits of drawer were broken on first inspection, so it was all put back in the box again and off we go to the favourite South American Jungly website. Yes, sir, it will be replaced and you can return your item with our special delivery drivers. Print off the label here. Printer not working sir? Then go to the van driver's website and use this code. Sorry, our van drivers do not handle parcels of this size and weight. Did I not mention this?
Fortunately, the bedside chest of drawers thing did work and now we are only waiting for 2 more van drivers, with luck the next package won't arrive in more bits than it's supposed to.
Us boys made a splendid Lego train track with army base and Vogon ship and nanobot and killweapons that shoot electrics and torpedoes with oil/petrol mix. This does rather assume there's sufficient oxygen in outer space to allow an incendiary to burn.

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