Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Goldilocks Zone

early windows error message failingAnother hot day. We had our last dress rehearsal for the Year play: the performance is very soon and the Lord (Lady) Mayor will be there to see it! I'm sure she is salivating right now at the prospect. After work I discovered Jof had been signed off for the week with sunspots so I shall take advantage and collar her for Thursday Park tomorrow.
victoriana furniture showroom marmion road southseaAmazing you may think that this happened during the first week of the Ashes test cricket series but she spent the day rearranging the kitchen and all our towels. She has to choose a new dressing table so we all went to Victoriana, a decent furniture shop in Southsea.
 There were several dressing tables, some too big to go in the window, some too hoity with no storage for all the lipsticks, none in the Goldilocks Zone. I discovered a small bureau with bijou lift-down flappette and multitude of mini-drawers and sulked for England when told I couldn't have it (£188). After trampolining I got some TV time in, and got one of those miraculous mobile headaches when told it was suppertime. This prevented me from eating all but 3 of my scampi, and when my headache got better, I got hurting leg syndrome and an early shower. That did the trick and I excitedly did a jigsaw and wanted to stay up for 3 hours of TV.

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