Monday, 8 July 2013

Not just us, then

nominative determinism funny restaurant sign
Over the weekend we got stuck in very unreasonable traffic jams for which we could see no reason*, waited ages in queues that could have been ameliorated by the quadrupling of booths/checkouts/facilites, applied suncream in uneven fashion leading to blotchy bodies with white bits and red bits, and generally got hot and bothered in the 29 degree heat. On the one hand, you know that you've been waiting for summer for 14 months, you're on holiday in new and interesting places, seeing the sights and getting the pressies and you know you really shouldn't complain, but on the other hand, it's a big old pain in the willy.
*OK, once there was a car on its roof on the M3 with police cars in attendance
And yet it turns out that it was nose to tail all the way to the coast for everyone. The traffic jams even spread as far as America on their 4th July weekend. Lots of people I met today were rednecks, and we weren't even in Alabama.
After school Ben didn't come round to see my impressive new Lego acquisitions due to an attack of Grandparents. He was at Beavers, though, and kicked me in the willy. We both agreed it was accidental and continued on. I was given the important job of collecting a consignment of Cub Scout badges from one of the troop leaders and delivering them to the meeting.
chima figures iron man extremis sea port battle catwoman catcycle chase
This is some of my winnings from the shop at Legoland. Yes, that's Catwoman on a motorbike from "Catcycle city chase" (involving Batman) and the Iron Man extremis sea port battle. There's also a packet of Chima figurines, some random minifigures, a couple of flats and a bauble of golden bricks. Included were a bunch of Lego cardboard boxes to knock over when performing the obligatory 1970s police chase, extra treasure chests and 2 copper interlopers from the extra-sad Olde Touriste Shoppe by Windsor Castle main gate. Can you see Tower Bridge and Big Ben? Both are pencil sharpeners. I shall never have a blunty again.

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