Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Like Wynter on Mercury

mummy i'm sorry youre tired just kidding i don't careIn the long grey English winter all the adults complain about the incessant drizzle and murky drear, and indeed the dreary murk, and they look forward to the 2-day summer, like it was last year, moan moan. But to be fair plenty of places have it worse with 10 foot snowdrifts and polar bears and stuff.
But as soon as the mercury gets over 30 for a few days, the oceans boil off into space and the nights are so warm you're lying on top of your duvet, it's all moan moan, it's too hot etc.
I have been such a pink hot boy of late that Bud took pity on me and I scooted to the hairdressers to wait ages and get a grade 1 1/2 so my hair doesn't keep sticking to my face. Erinsmum considered doing the same but I'm not sure Erin would be so pretty with a grade 1. More the collaborateur....
Outside gymnastics the new tennis courts are being built. A giant concrete lorry (not a lorry made of concrete) was pouring the foundations so a row of little boys stood and watched, as you do.
We're still finding boxes of stuff to unpack even though we thought we'd finished. Some seashells were hiding in the garage which is now being sorted, it's amazing how many screwdrivers and allen keys and small bits of metal of unknown origin you collect .....

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