Monday, 28 November 2016

What shall we do with the Drunken Actor

italian vineyard destroyed in landslideI was VERY tired this morning. Sometimes 9 hours of sleep isn't enough, so I wilted and dozed fitfully but the walk to school blew some fresh air into my addled brain.
I did a show'n'tell about my free 3-day dockyard pass and everyone wanted to borrow it until they found out it was out-of-date, in that it was just an official ID badge for the event, which is over. But they loved my rendition of "What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor" and I wonder if that song has ever had any other ruder lines to it, for they sure would fit. Apparently quite a few of my colleagues saw me performing but I guess I was too caught up in the moment to notice them.
And because I had finished my artwork, I was the only one allowed into the Lego Room for robotics work: Ben and I designed the Team Shirt for our competition and our names will be in gold on the back.
Took Sham home again for Pokémon challenge and as we were prosheeding in a weshterly direction, an old man went shoo shaa shee at us, gesticulating vigorously. Now, we were surprised to hear anyone else using our shpecial language with -SH- noises in every word, but it turned out he just had no teeth, and was wondering why we were walking while our pet adult was on the scooter. Hot food was welcome and it was lucky I showered before Scouts (where I won Sleeping Lions) because the tiredness caught up later, and I was righteously angry about being an uptight martyr.

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