Monday, 21 November 2016

Game of Drones

engrish arcade mall shop tailor failWell, the endless parade of victorious days just keeps marching past. I got 39/40 in the maths test because I wrote the answer to the last question next to the box, not in it. Tough judges. My Lego Robotics team and I spent some time perfecting our presentation, and we've got a script, some Powerpoint slides full of information and they liked the picture of me building the non-functional demo model so they demanded I bring it in.
Thus I did a bit of father-son bondage in the afternoon where we strengthened the tool arms and made the bricks a uniform colour and improved the radar turret and put a cylinder in one of the grabber arms to simulate a discarded tin can clogging up the oceans and streamlined it a bit.
lego model first lego league tournamentSo we took some official pictures and tried to email them to me at work but the Mailer-Daemon wasn't playing and I had to log on from home and upload them to my own Google-Drive. First world problems, this never used to happen in the 1970s. Well, we've just got to hope the headmaster is impressed.
Later, my London agent (yes) sent me through an audition request for a character in a TV show, that's another script I have to learn on top of the Lego Robotics one and the Festival one. In Scouts I got a certificate (with my name spelt wrongly) for my victory in the backstroke finals and a massive tub of Quality Street chocolates for finding the Scout memorial stone first! In the actual Scouts session we spent most of it playing games and being told to shut up. It's only fair.

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