Sunday, 13 November 2016

Bette Davis Ice Station Zebra

zip top baggie of weed ganja grass cannabisThe usual start to the day, which on Sundays is to watch Minecraft videos in my pants until about 3pm, when I am finally forced to get dressed and have breakfast.
It being Remembrance Sunday, the massed riders of the British Legion drove their motorbikes to the war memorial on the seafront. But every other bike owner this side of the Grand Canyon joined in, especially all the ones with Vespas with racks of extra wing mirrors, so it became a vast hairdryer convention that blocked the streets all over the island.
While Jof binge-watched Doctor Who, I installed Minecraft Storybook on my X-box and it was, like, 9 Gig so it updated for hours.
telltale games mojang minecraft xbox oneAnd on his run, Bud found yet another special packet of dreamy herbage dropped by those fiendishly dopey weedy guys onto the pavement. The grass certainly won't be greener for them when they realize they've dropped it. It's bizarre, the way this keeps happening. This one is called Basil Bush - smoke in peace, and has a hairy bloke on the front looking slightly lost for words.
Anyway, after a Forgotten Password? error, I finally got onto Minecraft StoryMode and it was epic. You control the main character and decide where he goes and what the team of master-builders do next: there's an edgy teen with red hair and a pig and ghosts and zombie soldiers and bad language and a building competition against people who make fun of you.

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