Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Poo Bleater

engrish menu item fail lost in translationI got myself ready for school and did everything by myself. Just before leaving I checked that Jof was still alive but as she was on a day off, she hadn't got up, perfectly reasonably, and he doesn't get up, being unemployed.
The only other thing of note from my entire school day was discovering that what I really want, what I really really want is a DS because of yet another Pokémon-related game that you can only get on DS apparently. So I texted the good news to Okely Dokely (not the Flanders-themed thrash metal band of the same name) who was standing about 12 feet from me at the time, so I was able to tell him that I was texting him, and ask him if he had got my text.
Later I had a good go at learning my lines for the Festival of christmas and played Jof at Totopoly.
blue peter viking helmet here's one I made earlierYou know the good old-fashioned program called 'Blue Peter', with its black & white format, field trips to village fairs and hygienically-challenged guest animals on the show? Well, they also did a good line in cutting and sticking (ask an adult to help you with this) and creating various birthday cards, castles and particle accelerators (ask mummy to save you some washing up liquid bottles).
And so following their most famous line "Here's one I made earlier", any prefabricated, pre-assembled or custom-made artefact is called a "Blue Peter". And indeed, using only 2 toilet roll tubes and no sellotape or sticky-back plastic whatsoever, I made a terrifying Viking Horned Hat! Although this one will have to be called a Poo Bleater. And Vikings never had hats like that, they were made up in cartoons.
As a ten year-old Brit who is mostly into Minecraft, I have no strong opinions on the outcome of the American Comedy Show sorry election happening tonight. But I am aware that one of the people fighting is a woman: and I do have name-recognition of Trump, and I know that people are laughing at him and hoping he'll win because of being a nutter that shouts funny things. Coincidentally, I am a nutter that shouts funny things too, so maybe it takes one to know one.

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