Friday, 4 November 2016

Golems and Lava-Dogs

drinking the wrong way trust your matesEverything was great until PE. We played Bench-ball and my team was pants. In my end-of-day report I was most vehement about how useless and plain of features my team-mates were.
Anyway, Klash-of-Klans has made a comeback and for the hopelessly out-of-touch older generation, that's just another set of indecipherable rubbish to babble about. Plus we can then say "You don't know the evolution of a Level 19 Strappon? god, you're so uncool" and feel superior.
new shirt too big with long sleeves
So Sham and I made a new Klan and loads of cool people at school asked to join it, and I took Sham home and we played X-box Minecraft again until we played Hide-n-seek because you're never too old to hide in a laundry basket.
Today some of my new Scout Scout kit arrived: 2 generously proportioned shirts, and a belt. It is amazing how, when you order MEDIUM of everything, that the shirt would comfortably ensconce a Hagrid, but the belt (with shiny Scout Logo buckle) would barely encompass a Dobby. At least I have the chance of filling out the shirt as time goes on, but the belt will have to go.
Now, for those older, stupider people out there that just don't understand, here's a whole set of reasons why you'll never be good enough.

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