Saturday, 12 November 2016

John Foster must Die

portsmouth royal historic dockyard rope making exhibitionI'd got 2 hours of Minecrafting in before I was forced to leave the house in a huff, surely I could have had more. But it was acting and a bit of a day of reckoning, because we all had to learn our lines and last week I wasn't the best.
But all my hard work during the week paid off and I was epic. I was also the only one to notice the large mirror slowly falling over onto one of the girls, and I shouted out but it was too late and she got a right old clonk on the head and had to be taken away, poor girl. Rather ironic given that this is a play about unsafe working conditions in a Victorian rope-making factory employing child labour. So here are some pictures of Victorian rope.
portsmouth royal historic dockyard rope making exhibitionWe're now learning our movements to accompany the script, a gentle choreography of demonstrative arm-waving although I do have to put my hands over my ears at one point, only for them to be pulled away by the tragic John Foster. During the pivotal scene in which John Foster is strung up by his own neckerchief when it gets stuck in the unsafe rope-making machinery, he has to go backstage because we won't have the stage equipment to actually suspend him, twitching, as this will be an outside performance. Also he will have to die and come back to life repeatedly over the 3 days of the Festival.
xbox 1 minecraft storyboard disc
I dislike trousers. Not only does this generally mean I live in pants at home, but when I am forced into covering my legs, I only select tracksuit bottoms, for they are soft and forgiving, and more comfortable for the more prosperous waistline. So (ignoring the 2 new pairs still with labels on in my clothing drawer) I made Bud buy me 3 new pairs in Giant ASDA. While there, he got the film ET and I got a new Minecraft Storymaker disc for my X-box, as an early Xmas present. I have agreed that the only thing under the tree on christmas morning will be a chocolate orange, if I haven't already eaten it. I rattled off both my homeworks and vanished into my room with the disc.
Film Night: Mr Monty Python and his fabulous Quest for the Holy Grail. It was a slow starter for someone used to Schwarzenegger movies but as soon as I'd got in tune with the stupidity, it was ace. The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, the Castle of Aargh, the Demon Rabbit and the Trojan Rabbit, I understand them all. Yet another chapter is added to my burgeoning databank ...

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