Thursday, 3 November 2016

A Damask Conversion

large PA speakers from theatre engrish menu fail lost in translationAnother standard day at school in which we all had to watch each other PEE (Point, Evidence and Explain) in literacy, to show we'd comprehended the salient points in a prose passage, usual stuff.
groundlings theatre costume hire festival of christmas dockyardLike several others, I've now stopped going to Normal Maths, as I attend Uber-Maths and Hyper-Infra-Maths classes, leaving Normal Maths for the people still doing their 1 times tables. And Child A got sent to the Headteacher again for shouting and throwing pens, a future manager there I think.
I had an appointment straight after school to get measured and fitted out for my period drama costume for the Festival of Christmas. This is why I was last out of school. Anyway, we drove through the hordes of students milling around aimlessly (hardly hitting any) and parked up at the theatre. The Boss-man identified some broken chairs and an old sound system that deserved to go to the tip and we loaded it up.
Then the nice costume lady (who also plays the part of Queen Victoria at the Festival, so is a very important lady) stuck bits of costume on me until I could pass for a downtrodden 19th century child worker. I have a large outer coat in thick damask material and fingerless gloves and 7 advanced vitamin deficiencies which I have to carry with me to put on at the last minute. I won't be wearing 'Star Wars - First Order' socks to the performance.

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