Thursday, 24 November 2016

Goldilocks is Innocent

Today is Friday for me (the end of the week) because tomorrow I'll be travelling 150 years back in time to become a child slave for 3 days. To this end, I have had a vitamin-ectomy to encourage some croup, beri-beri, rickets and scurvy, and have had 17 teeth removed for authenticity.
blowing tea out of a teapot into a cup
Anyway, after some reading and maths, we caught up on Goldilocks! The Series, in which we listened, transfixed, to the testimony of Inspector Gudgit from the Yard. Previously on Goldilocks!, our intrepid heroine had been caught bang to rights by Her Majesty's Constabulary in a compromising position, upstairs in bed, in a ransacked house with numerous traces of evidence pointing to her as the culprit. But we now discover that the alleged invitation from Baby Bear had been discovered at the accused's home, and that the Farfar-Awayland Annual Charity Marathon was not a fictitious event and, indeed, that Goldilocks had won it for the last 3 years and was the favourite in this years' race. Furthermore, Baby Bear had been expected to come third behind Goldilocks and Little Miss Muffet, who unexpectedly tripped and fell (breaking her ankle) just as Baby Bear passed her on a bend out of sight of the crowd, in a shock suspiciously reminiscent of Zola Budd and her rival in an Olympic race. He had then been caught on camera bragging about his victory and his prize (a bag of magic beans).
Later I tried on some thermal leggings to keep my willocks warm during the Festival of christmas and I sorted through my 'Celebrations' chocolates from the Scouts to see which ones I didn't like (and which could be given to my fellow actors) and incredibly, it was just 3 out of the whole box.
Later I watched 'Speed' in which a mad bomber battled cleverly against Ted from Bill & Ted and Miles Bennett Dyson from Terminator 2 and there were lots of guns and bombs and crashes and insurance claims. And some snogging, with Sandra Bullock.

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