Wednesday, 9 November 2016

And a Pair of Snow Buntings in a tree

horse bites man horseman gets drunkWoke up today to a hilarious Trump victory in the US election. Actually, I didn't notice. What I did wake up to was my own alarm clock set at a sensible time: I then got up and did everything myself including telling my mother off for getting my breakfast ready, because I was supposed to be doing everything myself. These helicopter mummies ...
Everything was wet and windy. Apparently the seafront was deserted apart from lots of old men in stripy trousers* with giant zoom lenses on their cameras, because of a pair of Snow Buntings which had lost their way, only to be chased off by a dog off its leash.
Bud got an interview which is like a first date with a company. So he bought a suit because the first thing you do when you get a date is buy glad-rags. I am looking forward to my first date because I already have a suit.
After school I missed the turning-on-of-the-lights in town because I brought Sham home again. He had his iPad and I had my phone and we Klashed our Klans together on my bed for 2 hours and we were loud.
*Ruling the world with plastic smiles (and yellow toupees)

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