Monday, 7 November 2016

Fractional Distillation

indian shop sign lost in translationAnother day of good news! My Lego-Robot group has been identified as the primary Coding Team in the school and (together with some hangers-on to make the numbers up to 10) has formed the Nucleus Accumbens (reward circuit part of brain controlling desire and lack of inhibition) of the school team to go forward to the regional finals in January. Perhaps one day I'll be a Professor of computer science.
And there were fractions and assemblies and spellings and yada yada.
portsmouth rucksack collection point tescoBut best of all I get to do extra Robotics and Coding during school hours (and I might miss some French) and I even get to come in on the next inset day which is lucky as it's Bud's signing-on to the Benefit-Scroungers day, so I won't have to visit the Jobcentre and see how mortals live.
Later, we took a rucksack to Giant Tesco for their Rucksacks for the Homeless appeal. Then, because my christmas jumper was 3 sizes too small, I selected another from the splendid range of elf costumes, flashing reindeer and cartoon jumpers, all with similar themes ie the picture of a fictional character and a humorous motto adapted from its original meaning.
brightly coloured christmas jumpers tescoThen just before the checkouts, we picked up a Chocolate Orange, realised we hadn't brought any money with us and put it all back. I played Minecraft while he went back to the shop and bought the items. It is lucky I haven't inherited his IQ, wouldn't want to be both a supermodel and a genius.
I'm now a proper Scout Scout, even if I don't have any badges yet and my shirt is 17 sizes too big. I haven't even got a woggle. But these are just mere details and now I'm into the big time with the shooting and the night hiking and the fundraising and so forth.
scout demonstration for remembrance sunday
On the way in, I was insisting that we should bring in our wartime memorabilia again to show off for Remembrance Sunday, but we've already done it twice in 6 years so are holding off for another year or so. Fortunately, the previous Quartermaster had brought in a trestle table of wartime equipment. He's more into webbing and bayonets and knapsacks and belts but he did have a Lee Enfield and some speedloaders so that was fun.

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