Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Angry Music (crotchety crochets and moaning minims)

cats drinking spilt milk from gutter in roadWell, so much for getting up on my own. I was in mourning, you see, because due to a deep phlegmy cough, I have lost my voice. To someone who uses his voice as much as me, this is a terminal disability, like asking a Retarius to enter the Coliseum without his trident, or asking dark wizards of rock 'Bouldermort' to perform their 1972 hit 'Feel my Elder Wand' without their custom-made phallic guitars.
lego robotics challenge Anyway, this meant I couldn't sing during musical assembly or during the pointless hour-long music lesson in which I learned nothing except that the keyboard can sound different if you change its settings. This was because of Loud Child A who shouts all the time and Loud Child B who babbles and pesters me all the time and I'm not allowed to give away my Pokémon cards in school because it causes interest and I hate everything.
Incidentally, here is the demonstration track or structured test bed or Robot Nürburgring with the turning circle and the shark tank and the hostages that need rescuing. It's quite big.
At home Jof calmed my anger by teaching me fractions, assisted by pain medicine and chocolate.

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