Monday, 14 November 2016

Supermoons and Systems Integration

asians on motorbikes carrying huge signToday I went into work on my day off. Like so many adults who seem to be bringing their work home with them, I and 9 others decided to forgo our inset day and go into school to work on our Lego Robot coding project.
We have designed a marine autonomous vehicle with tools and appendages and solar panels and everything, to trawl the unforgiving seas of the world and pick up litter. To demonstrate this, we have made a drone that can push, pull, capture and manipulate various objects on a test bed.
lego programmable robot schools competitionThis meant running back and forth from the IT suite to the test room, debugging the software, modifying the crane arm, designing the soft tooling from scratch and doing a presentation. Sadly I was so busy I forgot to take any pictures using the camera in my bag. If our presentation in a month is good enough, we will progress to the next round and be filmed by the BBC (again).
I was tired out and had to have pain medicine for my legs.
During the Lego session 2 of us were tasked with making a larger non-functioning demo replica without the servos and actuators. I tasked my sub-assistant with retrieving all the fifty shades of grey blocks from my Lego block-box and got on with mine.
In Scouts, we were supposed to see the supermoon. I'm sure it looked all very wonderful above all the clouds. I have trouble with my Scout Scout shirt. It is very big and I might blow away in a wind. I am assured that I will grow in the next 3 years, hey, didn't happen the last 3 years so why should I believe you? I got a hiking badge and my 10 nights away badge! Apparently there is an entertainment badge, the Festival of christmas will count! Even more for my pet seamstress to sew on.

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