Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Early Thunder: Sir Wumfalot

arab drivers dangerous failWell that was a nippy start to the day! That's why the gritter lorry was out last night on the way back from Scouts.
Anyway, I did some fractions and wrote my court roundup report into the trial of Goldilocks and moved on to printing labels for my artwork. The arty efforts by the whole school will be hung in the Pyramids Centre this Friday and everyone has to bring lots of money to buy their own kid's work back off them, in a blatant fundraising event. Those kids who have still not finished their pictures will find them in the Dunces section, displayed right by the front door to embarrass and enrage their parents for administering insufficient whippings.
noisy boiler ideal logic + combi 30I originally made a picture with a theme of sunset by the lake, but changed it to sunrise during a thunderstorm, so called it Early Thunder. My description was so long I had to use the minimum font size for the label.
Over the last week, our boiler has gone from a sleek and silent provider of warmth to an outcast. It still provides warmth, but sits in a corner going wumf wumf wumf very loudly indeed, and at such a low thundery frequency it makes your lungs rattle, much like the machines in the Ropery sketch I did at the Festival of christmas. So at last some boilermen appeared and battled with it and now it still goes wumf wumf but at least they've ordered some parts. The good thing about having your own room is being able to run upstairs and slam the door when you've had a challenging time on the English literacy homework or the 'Your time is up on Minecraft' issue. The worst part is having to slink back downstairs again and apologise when suppertime is called and it's crispy prawns.

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