Sunday, 6 November 2016

Anger by Fiftieths

ricinus communis castor oil plantIn a typically slow start, I never got out of my dressing gown all day. Jof was ill which is unfair as she didn't have any beer at the bombing last night, and I got very angry when told to put the tablet, X-box or phone down and go and do some homework, who do these people think they are, anyway. I was so distracted by the haunting thought of a Minecraft video going unwatched, that I got my fractions homework wrong. Of course, being told to get off the tablet, X-box or phone to go and correct it rubbed salt in my wounded pride ...
So here for no better reason is a Spanish watermelon-style ceramic bowl with some attractively mottled castor oil plant seeds that we shall plant next year. These plants (Ricinus communis) contain the well-known super-poison Ricin, but also look so good the council plant them in the parks as a flowerbed centrepiece.

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