Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Traffic Warden with X-Ray Vision

Days off. We all like them: and with Bud, they are filled with activities.
We see Obscure Cousin Margaret every now and then, and it was our turn to visit her in Boring Goring, driving past the place we're going to visit tomorrow. She had sent us a couple of flyers for local attractions: Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre, which reflects the area's industrial history over the last 150 years, and the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, with its fascinating collection of rescued buildings in the South Downs National Park. For some reason, neither of these blew our skirts up so we planned to basically reprise a previous visit and just mooch around Worthing.
worthing pier refurbishment Firstly, Margaret gave us some splendid tomes (The Romance of Lace, Linen Cut-out Work 1953 and The Book of Family Handicrafts 1975) and some more family items (Lorna Doone, given to Obscure Cousin Frank in 1900 for passing his council Conveyancing exam) and some pens.
Then we drove to Worthing and put some money in the meter and I put the ticket on the dashboard and we went shopping. Worthing has some splendid shops (and apparently some pickpockets from London on market days) and we saw none of them. I did get a Lemony Snicket book and a couple of DVDs but the best was the Flea Market on Bath St which had a top selection of things you totally need such as brass shell cases, semi-antiques and curios. We got 15 funny foreign coins out of the help-yourself bucket including some from well-known countries like Rhodesia, East Africa and Mauritius.
splash point worthing minigolf After lunch at the same place as last time we went onto the pier which is MUCH better than our pier because some rich businessman has refurbished it to its pre-war glory and it looks like an ocean liner and we'll eat there next time.
The sandpit park with bouncing female beach volleyballers is still there but has a new splashpark. We nipped next door to the minigolf and all 3 of us played: towards the end it started raining a bit but we finished the round because we're Pompeyites and therefore waterproof. But then it got heavier and we sent Bud off to get the car while we hid in a bus stop.
The parking ticket ran out at 1543. Between 1541 and 1546 a traffic warden monitored our vehicle and issued a fixed penalty for not displaying a valid ticket: at 1550 Bud got to the car. Problem #1: I'd put the ticket on the dashboard upside down so all the warden could see was the phone number for 'Would you like to advertise here?' on the back. But the warden obviously had X-Ray vision and so we had no comebacks, for technically we didn't display a valid parking permit, nor did we actually have one. Can't blame the dumb kid, however much you want to. Goodbye £35.

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