Sunday, 16 August 2015

Con Water

boy with large graffiti penis willyToday was effectively a day of Minecraft. Even meals were finger-food so I didn't have to stray too far from a screen. Having tried to break the internet by watching every Minecraft-related Youtube video ever made on both the computer and the tablet, I played it on the X-box and gave Jof a running commentary about how groovy my Redstone pyramids were, even though she never answered and kept harvesting her penguins on HayMaker or whatever.
He did briefly force me into the park for a climb, we found that someone had drawn a very big penis on the top of the pyramid-of-ropes pole, I'm not sure it's supposed to do that.
con air convict transport lego police boatAll afternoon I eschewed the fresh air, I did not try out my remote-controlled boat (an Xmas present) and did not boogie to live music on the bandstand, swim in the sea or view the spectacle that is the International Kite Festival.
But I did find time to get Jof to tidy my room. I made a Police boat. It is transporting deadly prisoners in little cages like in Con Air, and they are all in freezing stasis like in Demolition Man. But of course it's Con Water, as it's a seagoing vessel not a C-123K prison transport aircraft. Behind it is my new photo frame, of official school shots only. A bit sparsely populated, I know, but there's time for it to fill up.

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