Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Last Blackberry

langstone harbour and hayling islandI was first up because I know that if I'm quiet, I can get some time on the tablet before they're awake enough to stop me.
Hours later Jof said let's go for a bike ride, just to surgically remove me from screens. The Victorious Festival is on so the seafront might be a little busy so we struck north instead and met Elizabeth who had been forced out of the house for much the same reason.
Then I went blackberry hunting on Ben's bumpy paths and they were either red, tiny, or out of reach. I got one. Ben and I usually like to dig away at the sea defences so I found a new excavation tool and left it hidden for our next visit.
Incidentally, I think Nike's new slogan should be Live Long and Perspire.
I was due to watch Alien but Jof said she didn't want me to, so I just played X-Box for ages. So we went for 80s classic "Ghost" with much drivel and comedy and heaven-lights and hell-demons and we fast-forwarded through the erotic clay-potting scene but you have to appreciate I'm way past all of this stuff with the nips and the bots because I'm looking at the acting. Then I went to bed but I did rather like the nips and the bots.

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