Monday, 17 August 2015

Shapes on the Road

activities ymca fairthorne group charter academybooze bottles spirits in childrens section funny failThe holidays of a child are greater in number than the holidays of both parents combined. Thus I spent another day care of the childminders I know so well, having been with them, on and off, for four or five years.
I declined to play the sporty games as they contained wrestling, so I did story-writing and drawing instead.
I wrote a brilliant story about a boy, 10, loose on the High Street, who is scared by an appearing wizard-type and runs in panicky fashion into the nearest pub where he meets his father. We never got to hear how this turned out, as I "ran out of time".
hallucinatory shapes drawn by childPerhaps he enjoyed a pint or 2 of Old Grumbler and shot a few frames of pool with his Dad, or maybe Daddikins turned out to be a sleeper agent for the Ministry of Magic and sallied forth spouting flares of revenge from a wand he has cleverly concealed in his vaping contraption.
I spent time with a small girl who is in the next gymnastics class to me and an even smaller boy whose football shirt suggests his name was Hazard, although he wasn't dangerous at all. My drawing is the good old N-dimensional folded-space free-form √∞ matrix, different every time, always loved them. I entitled it 'Shapes on the Road'.
Later we went to B+Q and bought a new bedside lamp for me. It turns out I already had the lowest wattage available, but if you use an LED lamp and put a sticker over the front ...
This is my 5 year blog-iversary.

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