Saturday, 1 August 2015

Aqueous Antics

stella palace family room analipsi creteLying in state partially under a single sheet, I slept fitfully. The first planes started to land over our heads from about 0400. They overfly the coast like we did last night and of course being a beachfront hotel we get the roary benefit from all of them.
stella palace swimming pool analipsi creteIn fact, during the middle of the day their shadows pass over the pools. Anyway, we stirred at about 730 and already there were Germans in the pool.
After breakfast we couldn't upgrade the room so attended the Tour Rep meeting, he said it was 10 minutes but it wasn't. Another child climbed on her Dad so much she fell off and banged her head on the floor. We're not going to do the advanced touristy stuff but Water City looks fun and we probably ought to see Knossos.
alcohol in bazaar stella palace and village analipsi cretestella palace and village analipsi creteThen we togged up and applied sun cream and tried out each one of the pools in turn. The 2 big ones are fairly shallow so we splashed each other over the edge of the infinity pool and did some diving off the underwater bar stools by Pool Bar #2. The extensive kids area has 2 waterslides so we did them and practised arrow dives in the hexagonal pool and made it to the Pirate Pool.
poseidon restaurant stella palace analipsi creteIt has 2 giant penguins that squirt water and huge magic mushrooms and rope walkways and portholes you can swim through and the very very curly slide is closed off at the top so I battled girlies climbing up it and made it to the top.
We had to break camp for lunch but afterwards we found an un-towelled sunbed by the Pirate Pool and bought a watergun and 2 mask/snorkel sets (total price 28 Euros).
stella palace and village analipsi crete Pausing only to vindictively shoot some small French people (we were invaded by Frogs today) we crossed the coast road and went snorkelling in the sea. It was epic and we got lots of sea urchins and had ice creams to celebrate after a very cold rinse-off shower. In the Sea Bar by the ice cream kiosk is an empty vodka bottle in the shape of an AK47, you've just gotta love that.
Gradually we moved back up to Pool #2 and I did aqueous antics while Bud took advantage of the pool bar. For years we've done underwater handstands and recently we've added arrow dives and duck dives and my terrestrial gymnastics experience has led to the E-Type.
First, do a forwards roll. Then, immediately segue into a backwards roll, backwards and a-forwards, forwards and a-backwards, Eezer is a Geezer that likes to muscle in ... red army vodka bottle
After Bud booked us a couple of excursions, we had supper. I have not yet come to terms with the foreign food of the Eastern Mediterranean, so I had spaghetti and chips for lunch and pizza and chips for supper. This caused ongoing balanced diet-related arguments.
The pudding (1 1/2 kgs of chocolate mousse cake) defeated me and I sat in a sulk hoping it would all go away. Bud had snails which were horrible. Later we witnessed some of the full-moon-beach-party on the shores of the bay, here's one I snorkelled earlier.
They were dancing to YMCA so I bogged off pronto and beat Jof at table hockey and we circumnavigated the pools home.

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