Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Act 1: Making a Scene

terminator genitals movie title fail funnyToday I did another 8 hours' hard labour at the King's Theatre. There really is a lot of dancing. In addition, we have been given 2 more songs to learn, this time from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Every time I sat down between takes, the other cast members were dancing away, so all I got in my eyeline was jiggling botties. I am gradually becoming aware that in the future this may be interesting.
Then I found that as the 1 boy I thought was younger than me is 10, just shorter than me, I am in fact the youngest there.
The strenuous all-day dance regime meant that by the time it came to my gymnastics lesson, I was hinting heavily about how tough my day had been, and that I had hurting leg syndrome (cramp, with additional sofa-envy) and when he still wouldn't let me off I resorted to sobbing on the floor. These acting lessons are really paying off, we agreed that I'd have supper and go straight to bed instead, and I always have hope that I can persuade Jof to let me off.
As ever, it was a compromise and I was in bed with lights off before 8pm, possibly a personal best. Personal worst?
In other news, my engraved spoon arrived in the post. While spoons are not necessarily exciting, this one was worth 4 large boxes of cereal. I shall call it Archbishop Runcible-Spoon.
personalised spoon offer kelloggs

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