Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Act I, A Lad Insane

never leave a toddler alone memeI felt much better today having had some sleep, who could have thought it'd make so much difference. Perhaps if I went to bed before 10 on a school night I'd be literate by now.
Anyway, at Stage School today we warmed up and went through the first songs a few times and then did auditions for solo spots but I'm just not ready for that yet.
Then we had lunch in the park by the JohnnyBobs' school and I ate my lunch sat in the metal tube in the climbing frame, so the Government couldn't steal my thoughts.
We have 3 new songs which are from Annie and I have to be a starving orphan trying to get some sleep while being harassed by an evil harridan so just like home life really.
kings theatre southsea box officeAfterwards we went to the Box Office and got our FREE tickets for the Friday performance, just hinting in case anyone else wants to see it. The BBC is sending a filming team, I should probably tell them I've been interviewed by the Beeb before.
Then we were just crossing the road to get to the car and there were 3 guys outside the stage door having a fag and the Theatre Director shouted over to Bud and said he couldn't begin to say how well-behaved I was in class, and he was right, he didn't begin, I guess we just have to believe him.
Then we saw Jof's car, so I wrote a note saying You've got a Fat Bum and Bud put it under her windscreen wiper, we would have got away with it but I made the schoolboy error of signing it Love from Max and Bud, classic mistake there.
I'm still under orders to get enough sleep but came downstairs at half nine saying the football match was too noisy. Pompey were busy beating superior Derby and were shouting and singing a bit. They pointed out that 5 days ago I woke up on an empty plane because I'd slept through the landing.

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