Saturday, 15 August 2015

Team M Versus Waspman

romsey and totton leisure centre indoor water splashparkJof went to work again today so we made sure we'd already organised something to do.
Grandad only lives 40 minutes away now so we took him a suitcase. It's the same suitcase he borrowed last year to take to Phnom Penh and this time he's taking a cruise from Rome to Venice, although the scheduled stop at Sousse in Tunisia has been dropped from the itinerary.
We picked him up and drove into Romsey, stopping in the free car park by "The Rapids", part of the leisure centre. I've been there with Jof and now was a chance to go back.
We confused the receptionist because all of Team M have this ability, and as a threesome we're quite talented. He walked into town to get a haircut and we did the Rapids. I showed Bud the giant bucket of water that tips up periodically and we were showered by it at least 3 times. We queued up for ages to go down the long waterslide, which was funny but not as sunny as the ones in Crete.
luzborough pub romsey beer garden kids apparatus
We went round and round the powered water circuit which pushes you round, and got stuck on the bubblers and crashed into lots of people and we both lost our orange wristbands, making us illegal immigrants with no documentation.
But after only 2 hours, our time was up and we hit the nearby Luzborough pub because it too has free parking. Now, I've been here before and it has a secluded walled back garden with rope climbing thingy so I approve totally. In fact they hadn't even chosen a table before I was on the suspended tyre apparatus making a traffic jam. That's when 2 girlies set up a bouncy castle. This over-rides tyres and I took it upon myself to organise the younger denizens of Romsey into several loud bouncing matches.
luzborough pub romsey and totton southamptonBoth Grandad and I had kid's fish'n'chips and so did the wasps. I am allergic to the idea of wasps and hopped and quarkled and leapt around like a disturbed individual whenever the stripy hordes descended. But I managed to eat my food before bailing in favour of more bouncing.
Back at the Manor, we swapped some of my old school pictures in order to make a giant collage of all my pre-fame official snaps. He gave us a pot of Seagull Poop which is just raisins in chocolate but it's the thought that counts. Leaving Grandad behind, we got a replacement light bulb for the garage pub and a massive picture frame for me!
Later, I chose "Eraser" as my Schwarzenegger Saturday night film because it's funny when he's got the super destructor-weapons and the wise guys are cool.

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