Monday, 10 August 2015

Act 1 Scene 1

because of your interest in nazi mega weaponsToday I started a week-long acting course at the theatre. Well, I was under the impression that I'd be declaiming and strutting and speeching while gazing into the eyes of skulls or Modern Major Generals, but the production is a musical called Hairspray and we've got 3 songs to sing and dance to.
all the kings a stage theatre summer schoolIn fact the dance moves are long and complicated and it's not just wave and clap and sway and repeat x 596, it's a big long body-speech in hops skips and jumps. First we warmed up and got a tour of the building and learned about the rake (sloping stage that enables every player to be seen and heard from anywhere in the auditorium) and the lightbulbs on the extremely distant ceiling (changed by pulling them into the attic) and the expensive seats in the front 5 rows (where patrons might get glimpses up the skirts of the dancers) and how the cheap benches cost a penny per seat.
There were only 3 other boys, and I was the second youngest student. It was a full-on 8 hour day, at least when I get to be an adult my working days won't be anything like as long. At home I made up for it by playing Minecraft on 3 different devices, but I did love my first day.

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