Friday, 7 August 2015

An Ap-peeling Day

stella palace village analipsi creteOur last day as honorary Cretins. Our sunburn is peeling a bit, especially my nose and cheeks. We desperately tried to pack as much of our booty as possible into the suitcases. Much of it is fragile eg the clay pot I made and the sea urchins, we had to leave a lot of them behind.
Plus we'd specifically targeted many of our older clothes and toiletries for abandonment to save weight. The big problem lolloping over the hill like a deranged elephant in the room was a 6 1/2 hour disjoint in time, something we needed Doctor Who to fix. We had to be out of the room by 12 noon, but the coach transfer to the airport was not due until 6.40 pm. There's just no way you can sit in reception for 7 hours while the sun is shining and the pools are splashing so we tried to extend the room, but there was no room at the inn, the hotel was full.
stella hotel main gate and reception buildingSo we had to ditch the luggage into the dedicated luggage room, keep our swimming trunks on all day, use the 'Shower Room' at the last minute and change into our travelling clothes just before summary eviction. I gave 2 guns, a mask/snorkel and the rubber ring to Sam and Tom in return for 4 hours play, a splendid arrangement.
Lunch was al fresco in the poolside restaurant, the first time we'd tried it apart from the stolen cups of tea in the morning (Jof cannot function without tea). As ever, you only find stuff out on the last day. There was a large rumble of thunder but no rain.
After last-minute playing in Pool 2, we got to the designated shower room which was room 712, opposite the Spa we didn't use. This was the 'Family Room' to which we tried (and failed) to upgrade last week. It had 2 bedrooms, 3 beds, a bigger clothes rack, a hairdryer that worked and a shower that was so manic, the pressure exiting the shower-head forced it upwards and backwards so it was showering the opposite wall (yes).
We were miffed. Still, we used lots of towels and got to the reception area on time although the bus was 1/2 an hour late. It was a double decker so I sat upstairs and babbled about where we would go for our next holiday.
heraklion airport to gatwick night flight Our 'Priority Check-in' was well worth the 30 Euros as we segued past the very big queue that stretched outside the building and the X-Ray woman confiscated the expensive olive oil and we bought rum and chocolate in the duty-free (where we could buy exactly the same olive oil) after a surprisingly tasty burger.
The pilot kept going on about how fast he was flying and how the tail-wind would make us early but it still took ages and we all got stiff botties. Personally I reckon he only says these things to keep us quiet, knowing that he'll have to make up excuses later about unfavourable winds or congestion in Andorran airspace when we get in 40 minutes late. I saw the French coast and the English coast and then 5 minutes out from landing, I fell asleep in the window seat and woke up on a empty plane.
We caught the monorail to the North Terminal and found the attached business hotel down the tunnel and it's hollow inside with a giant hexagonal atrium and very swish with it. I watched some of a Bond film and crashed out.

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