Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Eggy Crush Saga

By the time I left for work it had stopped raining but then it realised its mistake and re-started.
We began with stand-up paddle boarding but we had to get towed by the speedboats for a lot of it. Most of us went in at some point but we didn't care. When I fell in I went under the board and got caught on the fins, lucky that seal from yesterday didn't come and beat me up as well.
Supermodel 'Pops' and fellow Cub Scout Jessie were with us today and the rest of the activities were inside.
odd one out fat girl falls over failThere was Egg-dropping. Teams bought equipment to protect eggs from being dropped from heights. Teams were named The Royal Egg Force, The Rock, Very Important Egg and Wise Egg. The winner was one of the parachute brigade and Rock (7 layers of foam and binbags) failed to survive the last drop onto the paving slabs and covered some bloke in yolk.
Roller-Marble used the tubes from Bud's work and we had to get a marble the whole way around the walls of the playroom using ingenuity and whatever we could find. On the 11th roll we were successful and the marble circumnavigated the room and shot off down the corridor, ending up in the changing room where it entered the wetsuit sleeve of a chap wearing only pants and a surprised expression.
Even after several more games I still had to go to gymnastics but then Jof made us a roast turkey dinner which we always pig. Or gobble.

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