Sunday, 9 August 2015

Lolster Thermidor

southsea shingle beachActually woke up at a sensible time and accepted soft fruit and Greek croissanty-type things with a smear of chocolate nestling within. Our fridge is extremely empty and once Jof had accepted the same sort of breakfast, Bud went to the supermarket and I cornered the tablet, and the computer, and the TV.
sticks washed up on seashoreBriefly I allowed myself to be dragged to the park with a Frisbee but then the lout that had pestered me nastily a couple of Wednesday parks ago asked to join in, then challenged me to football and we made our excuses and left.
Ben has returned from the dark side of Dorset and we met at the beach, arriving by bike as you should. We found 2 highly valuable sticks and saved them for posterity. The beach was very busy and full of French people, hard cheese considering I've just left Greece in order to escape them. We did go in the water a bit but played mostly and I took him back to mine for some X-boxing and KlansKlashing and Lego and supper, at which we both asked for more vegetables.
This is the contradiction in terms that we are. Later I tried to get chocolate but was told my pigging days are over, it's all my shrinking trousers, you know.
But I am quite pink and hot and my skin is peeling around the shoulders and cheeks.

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