Thursday, 27 August 2015

An Effluent Neighbourhood

all fun and games until the anal glands explodeAgain we arrived at the sailing club before the gate opened. I really must make a copy of the key.
We did raft-building. All 3 rafts floated but ours was severely lopsided and was voted the crappest. For the official photo we all got on the first prize raft and just when we were getting off again, I fell head-first into the sea and only just missed out on burying my head in the mud.
There was Kayak-racing and a special game of Pirates. In this one, it follows the same general shape but with a much more nautical theme. One Kayakeer is designated the Pirate. He must then capsize one of the flotilla of 'Freemen' kayakers in order to transmogrify that victim into another Pirate, and they go hunting for un-capsized craft ad infinitum. One of the potential Pirates got very upset at this point due to a previous capsizing incident where he reckons his sister got on top of the upturned craft so he couldn't right himself and he was under for 5 minutes. I do not fully believe him because he was still alive.
But because of this hydrophobia we were all pulled off kayak Pirate duty and we did Power-Kiting on land, which is like those kite-surfer dudes you see off Hayling Island but without the surfboard. It was epic.
portsmouth watersports centre Right at the end of the day, we were just getting changed when some bloke from Senior Windsurfing or similar hadn't put the shower screen across and the whole changing room filled with water because the drain was clogged with sewage mud, and everything got ucky and soaked and I had to walk to the car in bare feet because everything was marinaded in Death Mud.
Langstone Harbour is a vast tidal lagoon which regularly fills and empties with fresh seawater which has been liberally tainted by the Havant Raw Sewage outflow pipe. The shallow mudflats are therefore quite whiffy, totally anoxic below a depth of half an inch and at least a couple of feet deep before you hit gravel. If you bung a half-brick in off, for example, the footbridge by the railway line, like Ben and myself loved doing, you get a huge splat with layers of toxic guck exposed in a most unpleasant way. So all my clothes this week had to have an extra boil-wash which has put Jof well behind on the real, normal laundry. Because of the flood I had 2 infected sets of clothes and when we got home I just hopped straight into the shower.

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