Sunday, 23 August 2015

Poster Boy: Pant Day

Following 3 hectic days of activity, I fought back by declaring a Pant Day. Based on the pyjama day favoured by my friends, it's a more boyish version where I don't get dressed at all but don a pair of pants to stop my willy freezing off.
menlo worldwide map british isles Last week, Jof made me go through my poster collection. They had just been sitting on the top shelf doing nothing, so as part of a vain attempt to tidy my room I had to choose what to keep, and today was putting-up day.
I chose The Human Body, a map of the British Isles (there's a place called Cork!), the Solar System and a giant map of the world from Bud's work with all the flags on. Whether any of this information is absorbed into my brain, or stays stuck on the wall, remains to be seen.
For afters, we watched 'The Rock' with Cage and Connery and Michael Biehn, who seems to turn up in everything. I laughed at the car chase and the moving gunfight in bulletproof rock-buckets suspended on an overhead railway.
My coin collection has increased by 111 in the last week alone, mostly due to the Leprosy Mission. More on that later.

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