Tuesday, 18 August 2015

SPITFIRES! (Probably)

new bright donzi speedboat canoe lake portsmouthnew bright donzi speedboat remote controlledHooray. Another lazy day with Jof.
But I was just doing 5 minutes on the tablet (a Greek 5 minutes - 3 1/2 hours) when the message came through from Grandad: Scramble! Scramble!
As I'd already had a boiled egg that morning, scrambling seemed unnecessary. But this was a reference to the 75th anniversary of the Most Tedious Day of the Battle of Britain in which far too many lives were lost fighting it out over the skies of southern England for air superiority to precede Operation Sea Lion, the planned invasion of Britain by Mr Hitler and his friends.
recreation area by canoe lake southseaTo mark the occasion, 3 formations of wartime planes left Biggin Hill and did tours of duty over England and our group, 8 planes including SPITFIRES came over Portsmouth and did a fly-by.
Well, I was planning on trying out my remote-controlled boat on Canoe Lake anyway so we arrived 70 minutes early in honour of a garbled phone message and I drove the boat around the lake, harassing people on their pedaloes.
pedaloes on canoe lake southseaI also scared off seagulls various and targeted ducks, not that I was ever going to capture one at the sedate speed my boat could manage. We had lunch at the Café and I had a go on the bungee cord trampoline and the caterpillar bouncy castle and I beat Jof at Mini-golf 51-57.
gimp shot orange gobstopper sweet candyThe Spitfires must have come over at some point because we heard their roary engines but it was cloudy and they were too high and we couldn't see them. I am programmed to salute Spitfires (and we do see a few over Pompey due to our historical nature) for saving our botties in the war, shame we missed them today.
Bud brought spare yacht batteries and I chased more gulls and some crabbers had caught 2 massive crabs and they had a fight in the bucket and one got its eye snipped off by the pincer of the other and there was blood everywhere, gross. In the end I dropped the remote control in the lake so we went home.
At gymnastics I got an orange gobstopper which was nice but it did not technically work as I kept taking it out of my mouth to babble on about it at length.

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