Saturday, 31 December 2016

Puddling in the New Year 2016

drunk woman holding a shoe boxI got quite grumpy when told we were going shopping. I made a long and impassioned speech about having 2 weeks of relaxing but they keep making me do stuff and I've only had 1 hour on the tablet today and it's really unfair at this time of the morning and I really didn't see that my argument counted against me in a court of law.
Every year we count up how much money we found on the pavement and it was £103. Fortunately I've been doing it a while so the account balance is now £1580, not bad for a load of discarded pennies.
flipping bird and gurning kidsSo we went giant shopping and I met Girly-Locks Stanley and we bought lots of beer and complicated cheeses and I got my 4 hours of Minecraft and then we went to Ben's house to see in the new year: I took my cycle-safe hi-vis wristbands for added visibility.
We were given food and then we attended a touching closed-casket ceremony for one of Ben's deceased guinea pigs, and we all looked in the shoe-box anyway. As per the teachings of His Lordship Bob the Builder, we recycled the corpse by whizzing it into a bush on the common for a fox to find and consume.
children on comfortable sofasAnd we all settled down to our tasks. There was a Star Wars film. The boys coloured in their shoelaces. They swapped footwear in a football boot orgy. I played on the tablet. We had a pillow-fight and bundle on the sofa, the back yard saw some footy action and the adults mostly behaved themselves too.
Somehow the angst factor that had marred so many previous parties was missing and we all played happily for 7 hours without a cross word, a most successful party. I accompanied the JBs down the road at the end and got home at 303, like the gun.

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