Sunday, 4 December 2016

A christmas Twee

year old sapling live xmas tree in pot sainsburysAgain, found myself stuck to the tablet with its never-ending Youtube manna drip-feeding into my brain, amazing how often that happens. I hope I can get a nice high-paying job watching Minecraft videos.
Apparently Xmas is coming up. This is a passive event for all children in that Xmas happens, food and presents are provided and no effort is required. But now the tides of man are changing and I was instructed to buy presents using my own money! Couldn't believe it. So I tagged a lift to the supermarket and got myself a decent fry-up with sausages and chocolate muffin all for £4.95 and then located the cheapest socks I could find and a board game because such torture is traditional at Xmastime.
Meanwhile, this year-old sapling (an Xmas twee) came into our lives for only £6: once it has seen out the big day it can go into one of the big plant pots in the yard in the hope that one day we get a house with a garden, when all the trees we own have been promised that they will be transplanted into the infinite pot of a real flowerbed.

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