Friday, 16 December 2016

Christmas: and Inter-Species Sexual Relations

grappler police bumper safety escapeAt last, the final work day of 2016 for those who are not already unemployed. As we had the option of no-school-uniform, who was I to argue and off I went.
It was a fun day with a giant quiz in teams of 5. One boy hogged the picture sheet where you had to name the star and say what film or programme he'd been in, I was the only one to get Sly Stallone in Rambo. But mostly it was meaningless pants about pop songs and one of our team just played with his Pikachu so we lost dismally. And I got injured when we were sitting in a line and Child A poked me repeatedly in the shoulder with what he openly declared was his penis but was in reality a purple pen and it hurt so I kicked him in the foot.
classroom noticeboard spitfire silhouetteFortunately, I had brought in my Eevee (another Pokémon) so we had 2 Pocket Monsters in teddy form and had a Pokémon battle. We invented a variety of new moves such as Kiss (opponent does no damage next go) and Hug (similar attack restrictions) and Sexual Relationship (produces baby). This was ace for Okely-Dokely who wanted to join in so his right hand became the product of the union and again, I guess you had to be there. Apparently this bears some resemblance to ancient game 'Postman's Knock'.
Other people got to watch the film which was 'The christmas nativity' so a close escape there. We have a new topic for the new term which is the Battle of Britain: this is good for me as we've just bought the DVD and I already salute at Spitfires, because I know about the old saving-our-botties thing. Then I went home and killed zombie villagers for hours because srsly, what else does one need. Jof passed her special test at her work and we all forgot to ring Grandad.

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